Dreams are universal.
Opportunities are not.


Social in Motion addresses societal deficiencies using advanced technology

such as Iristick smart glasses and Proceedix mobile procedures & instructions.

As a social enterprise, Social in Motion empowers people

to perform tasks previously out of reach

allowing them to improve their communities and their lives.


On the African countryside...

We train field workers to optimize their service by leveraging scarce and remote expertise, making it virtually available locally.  We enhance & enrich people’s action on the job, when handsfree is crucial.

Live longer together.

Through the use of smart glasses, medical staff can see what you see and offer expert advice. 


To solve humanitarian challenges using advanced wearable and mobile technology.



To co-create accessible and affordable technology solutions for global and local problems that inspire positive social change.


Empower, cooperate and persist

What Social in Motion delivers:

Social in Motion uses technology to get the best out of humanity.
Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change:

Community Service

Remote assistance by medical specialists of local health care providers (E-Health)


Remote expert support of homecare workers (Mobile Health)

blood post 4.jpg

Protocol adherence, transparency & traceability for critical processes such as blood donation

Community Service

Live video streaming for educational purposes

Nurse Talking to Patient

Sharing and logging data and pictures while in action on the job

The Streets

Smart instruction or procedure support while executing non-standard activities


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